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Fenn Cup

The Ross Fenn Memorial Cup was started at the 1990 SD Adult Open tennis tournament, by the steering committee of the SD Tennis Hall of Fame.

Honored in Rossí name with a special award are the menís and womenís singles champions of each SD Open. Ross is remembered as a fine tennis player and sportsman, a long-time tournament director and leader in area tennis organizations. He served as president of the Northwestern Tennis Association, was a certified USTA umpire and one of the founders of Youth for Tennis, Inc. He was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1996. His involvement inspired others to promote tennis in South Dakota.

Fenn Cup Champions

1990    Travis Rich               Karen Bernard

1991    Ryan Skanse            Nancy Rost

1992    Mike Garcia             Nancy Hougland

1993    Mike Garcia             Greta Pederson

1994    Paul Pridmore           Tammy Wang

1995    Travis Rich                Nancy Hougland

1996    Travis Rich                Nancy Hougland

1997    Travis Rich                Pam Ponwith

1998    Travis Rich                Marnie Wheaton

1999    Bryce Barnard           Chris Dummermuth

2000    Bryce Barnard           Katie Chiu

2001    Travis Rich                Su Oertel

2002    Akshay Rao              Liz Donohue

2003    Felipe Montenegro    Megan McCarthy

2004    Anthony Perkins        Olivia Villanueva

2005    Anthony Perkins        Olivia Villanueva

2006    Bryce Barnard           Olivia Villanueva              2004 Fenn Cup Champion Olivia Villanueva (left)

2007    Alexander Clayton      Emily Gaster

2008    Alexander Clayton      Courtney Clayton

2009    Alexander Clayton      Whitney Paluch

2010    Tony Larson                Mary Clayton

2011    Billy Paluch                 Veronika Leszayova

2012    Billy Paluch                 Whitney Paluch

2013    Anis Ghorbel               Veronika Philippova

2014    Hamish Weerasinghe   Heather Nobler

2015    Benjamin Mullis          Ruth Seaborne

2016    Billy Paluch                 Ruth Seaborne

2017    Michael-Ray Pallares  Iasmin Rosa

2018    Toby Boyer                  Alexis Nelson

2019    William Gleason         Kornelia Staniszewska

2020    Kyle Seelig                  Jessica Failla

2021    Zeke Clark                   Jessica Failla

2022   Gavin Young                 Jessica Failla

2023    Hunter Heck                 Jessica Failla


2009 Fenn Cup Champ Alex Clayton with father Billy Clayton